Frequently asked questions

What are the costs involved in a Prayer Conference Call?

Only normal long distance charges by each caller's carrier apply. There will be no bill or charges from Greater Calling for this service.

Is there a limit on how many calls I can make?

No, you may make an unlimited number of calls and have an unlimited number of access codes if you feel it necessary.

How many callers can be in a single conference?

96 caller maximum in each conference with no required minimum number.  We do have a service that will allow up to 1,000 users

Is there a limit on the length of a Prayer Cal?

6 hours per conference there is no limit on how many hours you conference each month.

Is this a "Free Trial" or limited time offer?

No, we intend on offering this free service on a continual basis

Can I use a calling card to call in for the Prayer Call?

Yes. You may also use Skype to connect at favorable rates.

Can international callers participate?

Basically, anyone who can dial a US telephone number should be able to dial a Prayer Call number. 

Is this a VoIP service or an Internet service using my computer?

No, this is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) conferencing service that utilizes your regular telephone.

Are you going to sell my email information?

No. We will send you an occasional email with information about the web site, the services being offered and changes that are made to the network.

Privacy Policy: We take reasonable steps to insure that these statements are followed within our company. Information related to any subscription, registration or request with the Greater Calling service and/or the website are kept confidential and private. This information is not distributed or made available to others without the subscriber's prior permission.