What is a Prayer Call?

A Prayer Call allows believers to join together in prayer over the phone by using conferencing technology. 

Prayer Calls can be hosted by anyone who would like to invite friends, family and colleagues to join them in praying via teleconference at a scheduled time. People who live in different states or countries, or even friends who live in the same town, can schedule a time to pray together, hear each other’s voices and make their requests known to each other and to God in a very personal way.

Here is what one of our users says:

We had intercessors on the line from FL, GA, AL, DE, MD, and PA...many of us know each other through conferences or past friendships...but never imagined that we could meet to pray together on a regular basis.  We are not hindered by distance any longer in meeting together with others of like mind and heart.  For many this was a new experience, but it went well.  Several do not have any other avenue to pray with others who have such a burden for intercession for our Nation. We appreciate what you are doing and hope that you will catch a glimpse of what God is up to in using your network in enabling intercessors to stand in the gap in a completely different way.  Thank you so much for making it possible with your technology.

 -Linda Bemis